Let's see what humanity is capable of handling.




happily alone


this is so illegal.  we’re going to get in so much trouble.  you cant just steal all the sand from the beach and replace it with bread crumbs

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Kill me now and save me the trouble later
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Would you let me be a rose in your garden 🌹✨❤️



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I do not have a computer so I’m using mobile the only way I can send you pics is through kik so you might have to download and make account if you do donate

Ew lol

Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.
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My thoughts before anything:maybe if i wasn't ugly

Cause woman’s vaginas are the devil

How to draw a vagina by SueWitherslink to the pagehttp://suewithers.deviantart.com/art/Learn-to-Draw-a-Vagina-142275397